September 2019

Anunnaki, Mankind, Giants and Gold


  • Presentations by MICHAEL TELLINGER and channelings by BRAD JOHNSON

  • Autumn Equinox Celebration at Adam's Calendar

  • Kruger National Park Safari

  • Cape Town tour extension with private sessions by Brad Johnson


Join this stunning megalithic tour of South Africa, including Adam's Calendar, the stone circles and giant footprint, Kruger National Park, Johannesburg & Soweto, plus add on tour to Cape Town.


The Inspiration…

Research into the vast array of mysterious stones dotting the sun-scorched South African landscape led Michael Tellinger into a Pandora’s box of metaphysical investigation that he just couldn’t let go of... The painstaking detective work that then followed, eventually yielded some breathtaking glimpses into the creation of the 75.000+ years old, ´Adam's Calendar´, as well as uncovering dark truths behind the shadowy legacy of ancient mining practices and man`s long-running obsession with gold, as well as the secrets underpinning the jaw-dropping, Giant’s Footprint.

All of these wondrous anomalies then years later, finally dove-tailed together, providing undeniable links to Sumerian Culture and Clay Tablet Inscriptions, with their detailed depictions of their infamous ´Annunaki Gods’, who it was claimed, in deepest antiquity, descended from the stars themselves to rule upon earth with all their wisdom and ’might’, and to harvest its precious gold...

Turn on, Tune in…

As a former musician, Michael then instinctively started to ‘listen’ to the stones, beginning to delve deeper into the actual Sound and Frequency that they were emitting - again leading to breathtaking conclusions of the high-tech functioning of these remarkable Stone Age Alignments as well as the fact that they were working as some sort of metaphysical ‘power generator’.

So why were the Ancients so obsessed with Stone Circle building and Gold and with the tangible energetic power that it was said they could harness? Who were these fearsome Giants of old and from where did they truly originate? And how did these fiercesome Sumerian Sky Gods play their central part in this profound and beguiling mystery?

With so many tantalizing questions to answer, we will stand on the very megalithic stage where these great mysteries played out and explore them in greater depth, before relaxing in the delights of the Kruger National Park where we will contemplate our esoteric explorations, surrounded by its rich melting-pot of wildlife, before enjoying more unique South African Highlights, such as ‘God's Window’, Johannesburg, the Soweto Township and, as a tour add-on, to Cape Town.

The Cosmic Perspective...

The internationally renowned channel Brad Johnson will cohost this tour and allow the consciousness known as Adronis to give cosmic perspectives upon this mysterious heritage. During the tour add-on to Cape Town Brad will be available for private sessions for healing, personal counseling, sharing universal knowledge and much more. Please see his amazing services on his website here:

Journey course

Day 1 (19 September) TRAVEL

Flight to South Africa. (You may want travel early and already arrive on September 19 to adjust for jet lag and such like. For early arrivals we have reserved rooms at the Dove's Nest near the airport for 45 € in a single room, and 29 € per person sharing a double room. Please indicate in your booking if you are interested in this.)


Day 2 (20 September) JOHANNESBURG


Morning arrival in Johannesburg. At 10 am welcome by Michael Tellinger and travel to the heart of ‘Gold’, the Metropolis Egoli and its impressive Carlton Center, which towers 220 meters above the city - followed by a riveting descent from the actual hotel location into the depths of an old gold mine that lay beneath it! Afterwards an insightful visit to the University of Witwatersrand, and an exploration into the theme: "The Origins of the Human Child" held in the highly regarded Paleontological-Archaeological department. 

Return to Hotel in Johannesburg, Group Dinner.


Day 3 (21 September) TSWAING CRATER 


Enjoy the relaxing climes of the hotel pool as well as a hearty breakfast before our exciting trip to the Tswaing Crater, where 200.000 years ago a major impact from a gigantic Meteor had a dramatic effect on the climate as well as developmental life in South Africa and beyond. 


We will then visit the impressive Ditsong National Museum of Natural Sciences with its wonderful exhibition of Hominids Fossils, including the "Cradle of the human child", as well as other previously inaccessible ancient artifacts. Afterwards we will head to our next hotel at Waterval-Boven, where we will enjoy another relaxing Group Dinner and unwind in pleasant surrounds.


Day 4 (22 September) STONE CIRCLES


In the morning we will enjoy Michael Tellinger’s private and very unique Stone Circle Museum. After lunch we will undertake a field trip to one of the many mysterious stone circles in the immediate vicinity. It's a leisurely walk into the hills that overlooks the stunning landscape, enjoying a view of interlocking terraces, and stone circles, where we will enjoy a relaxing sunset over Waterval-Boven before returning to our hotel for dinner again.



Day 5 (23 September) ADAM'S CALENDAR


On the very day of the Autumn Equinox we will travel to Kaapsehoop and explore the oldest sun calendar on Earth - the now world famous ‘Adam's Calendar’, to witness and explore the visible and invisible anomalies and energies at this time.

In the afternoon we will visit the Kruger Museum, where we will learn about the British war for the control of the South African Gold. Upon returning to the hotel we will enjoy a Group Dinner at the Malaga Hotel & Spa.



Day 6 (24 September) GIANT FOOTPRINT


We will visit the remarkable ‘Giant's Footprint’. Then at midday enjoy a traditional barbeque, a ‘Braai’, in the company of Michael Tellinger, afterwards travelling to ‘Pilgrim's Rest’, a historic Gold-mining town with its accompanying mining museum. Afterwards we will stay in the immediate area amongst the artistic rooms of the Graskop Hotel, where we will enjoy a group dinner as well as explore unique in-house picture gallery.


Day 7 (25 September) THREE RONDAVELS


Today we will travel to the world famous Kruger National Park. On route we will enjoy ‘God's Window’, the ‘Three Rondavels’, the ‘Bourke Luck Potholes' and ‘Abel Erasmus Pass’. There is also a possibility to undertake a Safari trip with a South African Ranger in an open Four by Four wheeler along the fringes of the park neighboring Mosambique where we will try and spot the ‘Big 5’!

Overnight accommodation will be at a comfortable visitors’ camp on the Kruger National Park where we will enjoy group dinner in the evening.


Day 8 (26 September) KRUGER NATIONAL PARK


A full day of exploration on the Kruger National Park running between the Sabie and Letaba Rivers where we will then spend a second night in the African bush and enjoy a relaxing group dinner to round off the day!


Day 9 (27 September) KRUGER NATIONAL PARK


In the morning we will undertake a final Safari in the Kruger National Park in the park before heading off into the Gauteng Region where we will take an extensive look at the Culture and Traditions of Black South Africa. At Tembisa - a township in the eastern part of Johannesburg, where our Guest House is located, we will then undertake a special gathering with one of its traditional African Divine Healers, a ‘Sangoma’, before enjoying a relaxing dinner together.


Day 10 (28 September) SOWETO


We travel into the iconic South African skyline that frames the city of Johannesburg and on into Soweto where we will explore the fascinating Hector Pieterson Museum and Regina Mundi Church - two historically salient stops on our visit to the famous township, home of Nelson Mandela and where one of the biggest settlement of black gold pitmen is still located since apartheid-days.


Afterwards we will then we head to Lesedi Cultural Village, where the traditions and cultural life are kept alive by Xhosa, Pedi, Zulu, Ndebele and Basotho peoples and are made accessible to visitors with traditional dancing and singing capping our tour with an enriching and unique cultural experience. Here we will stay in traditional African huts for our last night here in the area and will enjoy a special African buffet!




In the morning we either begin our journey back home or extending the tour by flying on to Cape Town.
- For those returning home, please book your flights after 1 pm.
- For those travelling to Cape Town, after the included morning flight, we will get acquinted with this amazingly vibrant city, before we will enjoy the amenties of the wonderfully located Protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge at the Water Front.


Day 12 (30 September) CAPE OF GOOD HOPE & CAPE WINE


Our trip to the Cape of Good Hope will take in the stunning landscape of Hout Bay. Beware the cheeky monkeys! Other highlights are the scenic Chapman´s Peak Drive, Boulders Beach with the penguin colonies and sun set at Signal Hill.




Enjoy a private session with Brad. As you wait your turn, you can relax from all the travel or enjoy the many sites and attractions of Cape Town, such as the Green Market or stunning Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens.




Brad will be available for private sessions. As you wait your turn, you can relax some more or continue exploring Cape town. Take a cable car up to the iconic Table Mountain or wander the picturesque Malay Quarters.
In the evening we will enjoy a final farewell dinner.


Day 15 (3 October) TRAVEL HOME

Farewell and return flight home. 
Transfer to the airport. These will be tailored to your flight booking. There may be 2 or 3 transfers for morning, mid day or evening flights.


3 and 4 star Quality Accommodation with unique individual flare and relaxing atmospheres, including

  • 4-star Sunnyside Park Hotel Johannesburg
  • 3-star Malaga Hotel Waterval-Boven
  • 3-star Graskop Hotel
  • Camps Letaba or Lower Sabie or simliar in Kruger National Park
  • 4-star The View Guest House Township Tembisa
  • 4-star Lesedi Cultural Village
  • 4-star Protea Hotel Waterfront Breakwater Lodge


Pricing and included services:

1. for South Africa package (19 - 29 September 2019)

Journey price South Africa € 1998 in the shared twin room.
Single room supplment € 282

  • 10 days escorted trip in air-conditioned touring bus.
  • All overnights in 3/4 stars accommodation including breakfast (Full English).
  • 9x dinner and 2x lunches.
  • Day 2 - 6 with Michael Tellinger.
  • Cannelings by Brad Johnson at sacred sites and other locations.
  • Entry Krüger National Park and other entrance fees.

Not in the price: Flights to and from South Africa (please book directly or inquire in the booking form)

2. for Cape Town extension (29 September - 3 October 2019)

Journey price to Cape Town Add-on: € 749 in the shared twin room.
Single room supplment: € 145

  • connecting flight Johannesburg to Cape Town.
  • airport transfers as well as trip to the Cape of Good Hope
  • 4 nights 4-stars hotel, including breakfast (Full English) 
  • 1x dinner

Not in the price: privat sessions with Brad Johnson, other entrances and transfer costs during the free days.

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